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"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail". Ensure you've taken all appropriate steps for your project by employing Geodata Engineering Ltd as your civil surveyors. Contact the team in Southend-on-Sea to discuss how we could assist.

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There are many aspects to consider when embarking on a new building venture. Land surveying and setting out are just two of these factors but points that are crucial in the construction process, especially when it comes to assuring structural stability. By taking accurate information from proposals, we can determine the correct angles and positioning on the land as well as site boundaries, foundations and centrelines. These, amongst many other elements related to the structure of the build, are considered using advanced digital technology, traditional techniques and the expertise that Geodata Engineering Ltd holds. Get it right first time by employing our surveyors.

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What is a setting out survey?

Within the building and construction industry you may have heard of the process of 'setting out'. This invariably relates to construction planning, considering factors such as the building's size and dimensions and the land to ensure the correct positioning and angle of all built elements. By planning accordingly, we'll ensure the build is effective whilst preventing structural issues down the line. 

This process is imperative in planning for foundations, base plates and piling works amongst other aspects of a building project. The concept of setting out is also used extensively within the building trade for complicated building projects, from residential to industrial works. To get right the team on the job, call Geodata Engineering Ltd to manage this example of land surveying for you.

Combining forces for your benefit

To ensure that we're able to provide the ultimate solutions for your project, we collaborate with other parties working on your development, including: 

  • Building planners

  • Architects

  • Property development consultants

  • Groundworks and civil contractors 

  • Steel erectors and firms 

  • Temporary works and support structure companies 

  • And other construction professionals

Call Geodata Engineering Ltd on 

for land surveying and setting out services in Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas.

A trusted and chosen name for over 20 years

Finding a team of reliable land surveyors doesn't have to be difficult. Choose Geodata Engineering Ltd and benefit from a talented team that has your development's best interests at heart. Based in Southend-on-Sea, we have worked with many civil contractors and property developers across the area, but our property acquisition surveying and site engineering services also take us across Essex, East London and other areas of the UK. Contact the team today for tailored solutions that aid your project's progression.

Experts in surveying instrumentation

With our expertise in surveying instrumentation and equipment, we offer a wide range of specialist services for clients in the construction industry. Our team is well-versed to handle an extensive range of equipment including:

  • EDMs

  • Levels

  • Total stations

  • Reporting software, to name a few. 


As industry equipment and software continue to develop, we're always adapting to implement the latest tech into our processes.

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